Tranquileyes® Basic Kit with Beads (by Tranquileyes)

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If you suffer from dry, tired, or red eyes, this starter kit offers immediate relief in just a few minutes.

The patented tranquileyes® Basic Kit (Sage) with Beads comes with reusable thermoeyes™ Beads, providing 60 moist-heat treatments of 12-15 minutes each. The Beads are perfect for people with a packed schedule. They take seconds to heat, and they never have to be reset. What's more, they're conveniently pre-assembled with covers and a net bag. In short, the beads are ready to go when you are, wherever you are.

How does the kit work? Super simple. Apply the tranquileyes® with moist heated Beads to your eyelids for a soothing dry eye treatment that gently helps release oils from the meibomian glands, slowing evaporation of natural tears, and improving hydration around your eyes. The combination of warm water, gel packs, and insulation in the goggles prolongs the therapy, deeply hydrating your sensitive eyelid skin.

The Beads can also be frozen to create a 10 minute cold therapy, reducing inflammation and puffiness. Plus, you can wear tranquileyes® while you sleep. The goggles are made to be totally comfortable, and to block out light, drafts, and forced air. There’s a reason our kits are recommended by doctors across the world.

Tranquileyes® are also perfect for general care and prevention. Keeping your eyes hydrated is key to long-term eye health, which may lead to better productivity and younger looking eyes.

If you're looking for a dry eye treatment, but you're always busy, the tranquileyes® with Beads are perfect for you. Grab a set today, and see why thousands of happy customers come to us time and time again.

Included in the kit:

    One tranquileyes® goggle with sensitive skin foam
    One set of thermoeyes™ Beads
    One set of pockets to use with Beads
    One mesh bag